Call of the Gurdwara...

August '96


I have now attended my second service at a Gurdwara.

I attended the Parklea Gurdwara in Western Sydney on Sunday the 4th of August. This Gurdwara is also the location of the Australian Sikh Association.

The day was cool, windy, and sunny.

I had a most enjoyable time and talked with several Sikhs on matters of history and theology. The service was most impressive and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Many aspects of the Sikh experience have become clear to me.

I began my religious life with the Anglican Church, and was baptised as an infant. I became a Baptist during my teenage years, although I was not re-baptised, and drifted out of a religious life in my twenties. Now I am rediscovering the depth and breadth of the world.

At the beginning of my India travels in April '96, I first encountered Ganesha. I have since then come to look with favour upon the elephant-headed, round-bellied god of beginnings and literature. A most worthy patron and companion upon the road I have chosen to travel.

I feel that I am at the stage where I am just absorbing religious experience and theology without formulating any firm ideology of my own.

I am attracted to the Sikh ideals of honest work and the view that "all religions are valid". I do not know if the Sikh path is the one I will pursue, but my quest is continuing. I will follow where it leads.

Regards Phil,