Hardcopy Game Notes: Oriental – Celtic – Swashbuckling

Word '97 Format

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - 2nd Ed.

Oriental Adventures in Legendary Japan (AD&D 1st and 2nd Ed.)

Celtic Heroes and Vikings (AD&D 2nd Ed.) - Cheers Xavier !

Golden Voyages - Sinbad’s Tales of High Adventure

My Version of Waterdeep (Dark and Shadowy)

Dragon Tales in the Forgotten Realms

Ravenloft I6 - The Gray Sages Notes

The Endless Oceans of the Far South

Ishtar - Avatar to the Efreeti Pasha

Some House Rules (AD&D Again)

Nordic Dreams (Legendary Era)

Viking Era (Legendary Tales)

Spelljammer & Wild Space

Dreaming of Skull Island

Fantasy Africa

Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)

Spyder and the Space Pirates of the Frostfire Nebula

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles @ With A Twist

Iron Man – The Legacy of Anthony Stark

The Savage Land and Leaping Lizard

Ivar Ruriksson - The Legacy of Thor

People's Protectorate - Russian Tales

Russian Shadows - Dark and Deadly

NYC Mafia - Crime in the Big Apple

Genosha and the Dastardly Nazis

The Vehicles of Nazi Genosha

Master Mold and the Sentinels

Alpha Flight - Puck of Canada

The Rangers of the Wild West

The Thin Man and HYDRA

Night Shift - Haunted Tales

The Defenders in Australia

Wild Aces of World War II

Godzilla - Cold War Era

All-Winners Squad

Doctor Demonicus

Urban Heroes

Time Line

World of the Dark Knight

Gotham Night Shadows

Chief Angel Rojas

Tuco's Taxi

Troll Market

Wild Cards

Swashbuckling with the Warhammer System

Swashbuckling Adventures and High Times

Gorum Singh ji and the Sikhs

Rushford on the Reik

Gray Sage's Library

Nordic Realms


Warhammer 40K Wanderings

Star Wars - New Republic Era (9 ABY)

J9-2: Tales of the Droid

Outrageous Rebels

Outbound Quest

Nar Shaddaa

Silver Jedi



Star Frontiers & Knight Hawks

Jardin Golden Fur - Freelance Yazirian Scout

The Team – In Trouble Again with Space Pirates

The Team – Art By Jim Burns of PC Paradise Wallpapers

Star Trek - Echoes of Futures Past

Klingon Info (FASA)

USS Ark Royal (FASA)

USS Jantar Mantar (FASA)

Rules and Options (FASA)

Cyberpunk 2020 in Australia

The Associate and His World

Places and People in the Land of Oz

Local Culture and Colour in the Land of Oz

Planet of the Apes Adventures

Weird Dreams


BattleTech 3030s (FASA)

A Fool’s Paradise

Sandstorm Raiders